Making Time

Routine, how do you create a routine, when the automatic routine that happens everyday of your life takes over?

My daily automatic routine is wake up at 6:20, out the house between 7:30 and 8am depending on whether I’m walking or not. Work my first job from 8:30 till 2:30, quick walk from there to the other job start that at 3 and finish at either 6/6:30. As soon as I get home cook tea, watch a little bit of television and then I’m in bed by 9pm and read until about 20 past 10 and that’s my whole day. This is the automatic routine I’m currently living my weekly life, which I understand is the same for most people, but having nothing to break up the mundane lifestyle really does suck.

I feel that this routine has stunted a lot of things. My gym sessions have ultimately stopped except for my PT sessions and my diet has well and truly gone out the window. It is so hard to stay in this routine when I seldom get time to look after myself. Recently I’ve spent any time I’ve had spare reading books, I’ve currently lost that momentum and I really want to get back into the swing of things but I also want to write more. I keep mentally starting blogs in my head but then I never get any further and don’t put pen to paper so to speak.

What I need to do is make myself put a plan into action, a routine outside the routine. I want to produce multiple miniature targets for myself and get back on track. We’re looking at booking a holiday for the summer and after my last holiday and not feeling comfortable with myself I really want to feel good. I went to the Doctors recently and asking them do another BMI check, I got to see my past records and it’s been a long time since I’ve been under 90kg. That is a massive target but I know if I can put my mind to it and back off from using food as a comforter. Maybe I should go back to using sleep like I did when I was at university but that removes time from what is already a tight schedule.

I’ve started to think that my best plan of action is food prep. To batch cook lunches and teas before the time because it means that there is no snacking involved when it’s already done and right there for you. However, when you’re sat at a desk all you want to do is eat and keep yourself awake, it feels like the only way to continue is sugar. I have to put a strict ban on myself, I have to lose this weight, to make my feel good about myself. This also means making time for the gym but also making time for myself, if I don’t look after myself I end up back at square one.

We all know that busy schedules can get in the way but making time for yourself is so important, especially in this day and age. The world spins so fast sometimes that we don’t take even just a minute to breathe the air or look at the scenery surrounding you, the colours in a picture or the sounds of the birds.

Take that time, everyond deserves it.


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