10 Books.

I have read 10 books this year alone. The beginning of this year seems to have escaped me. Mainly my fault but I have had the chance to disappear. All of these books have given me comfort, told me that my awkward teenage years were all part of growing up.

I think back to some of the adventures and daft things I’ve done and I know that I cherish them. They are the building blocks of my life. I learnt from mistakes, understood love and loss and generally made some really wonderful memories. With these books I’ve seen myself in the protagonist’s role, it might only be the smallest detail that I see but it is just enough to make me realise that I have picked things up as I’ve become an adult.

I’m really lucky to be in the position I am and I definitely take that for granted. I have so many wonderful experiences I can look back on and be grateful for. With friends all over the country and some across the world, I’m ridiculously lucky and know that most of them will say yes if I asked to go and see them. Friends were the people that saved me when I had problems and needed guidance. Yes, they come and go but in all honesty the ones that stick with you through all the rubbish and can spend long periods of time apart and it be like you’ve never been separated.

Although this is what I have been taking from these books, I’ve also been gaining additional knowledge of relationships, of being in them, of starting them and of breaking up. As someone who has been through all three recently these books have made me realise that life can get away from you. You can let things get ahead of you and just like all of those books say in one way or another, you miss the important things. You have to slow down, appreciate the small things or it becomes even harder to see the big moments as they pass you by. I think though, having my head stuck in a book has made me miss some aspects but I know that I’ve needed that time out. I haven’t exactly slowed down but I know that I will and that I’ll stop missing the important things.

I worry that this blog post probably doesn’t make any sense, but currently, due to anxiety, this is how my head is connecting things. I need to start blogging again and once the first post this year goes out, I’ll get back into the swing on things. At least I hope so. I’ve started to get back into the kitchen to give myself recipes to talk about but I know that I’ve got a lot of growing up to do this year and I think that having this platform might be helpful for me.

So hopefully you’ll hear more about me. If anyone wants my book list, feel free to ask, I’m currently accumulating them all and will have a blog post ready for 2019.





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