Back on Track

I did it, I finally got my stone award, after 3 weeks of dithering about, I lost 2lbs this week taking me to 15st 1lb!

So target for next week is new numbers and only another 6lbs until I reach my next half stone award. If I really put my mind to it I could lose that in three weeks but as life has been chaotic recently planning has gone out of the window. I want to sit and write out a couple of food plans to put up here but actually having time to do that has been going out the window.

I’ve started a secondary job recently so as I’ve said in the blog before this I’m walking an extra 5km, I’m hoping this is helping as I’m still not getting to the gym. I say this every week and currently it doesn’t change but I know I’ll get back into a routine and then Christmas will strike and everything will naturally go out of the window. If I can find that routine I’m hoping I can take that over to the new year.

But before then it’s got to be positive thinking, I’ve got 6 weeks left till Christmas (that’s not even fun to say), but that’s reality and it will spiral away from me. I need to have my head in the game because I already know I won’t have as much control as I’d like due to being away but I’m going to control all the meals I can, have tonnes of speed food and limit myself to the bad stuff. If I get chance, I’ll look at creating a tracker for December and then a focused one over the Christmas period. I think this is when food diaries are in fact the most important because even if you do go over syns, you can track any over indulgences.

Now that I should be back in a little bit of a routine of when I need to be where, I’m hoping to have a bit of time to do all of these hopes. I seem to be lacking in blogs but I don’t want to lose blogging so let’s get back into it!




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