General Life Update (Part 2)

Nearly the weekend!

I visited the dentist on Monday, surprisingly he was very good with me and explained everything that was happening with my teeth. Of course I need fillings, I wasn’t expecting anything else. I did however find out that you’re supposed to have x-rays of your teeth done at least every 3 years. The last time I had them done was in 2012 and I’ve definitely seen my dentist all the way up until the beginning of 2016. It’s kind of upsetting because now I’m an adult I have to sort out fillings and cover the cost, being unemployed, not fun. However, my teeth feel so clean and that makes me super happy.

I do have good news, I passed my theory test (hooray!) so now it’s on to getting test ready. I assume as soon as I see my driving instructor next week I’ll be booking my test, everything in a stride an’ all. I worry because I know I make little mistakes which everyone does but I’m a competent driver and I’ve been nothing else. Anyway we’ll see how all of that goes in another update.

The weight situation hasn’t changed, I wussed out on going to class this week, I really just don’t want to continue yo-yo’ing my weight I want to drop it. I’ve trimmed up and I can feel it, but it’s getting rid of the excess fat. I was at the cinema the other day and when I looked in the mirror I don’t look as fat as my brain seems to make me feel. I can still stand to lose a couple of stone due to how heavy I am but that doesn’t stop me slowly starting to appreciate my body. Baggy clothes are still a favourite but I’ve always liked oversized clothes. I recently bought a shirt from Asos and it’s a perfect length (covering bum and belly). I know I’m chunky but I’ll slim down in time. I’m scared of what the scales say and will be for some time but my body is in better shape than it used to be so we’ll take that as a none scale victory.

We’ll still keep the job search on the down-low for now as I really don’t want to jinx what’s going on at the moment.


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