General Life Update (Part 1)

*I hoped I would have finished this post on Monday but things got in the way, one day I’ll be a proper blogger one day*

I’m currently stood waiting for the bus and I have a nervous twinge in my stomach as I head to the dentist for the first time in over a year. I dread what he’s going to say, but I have a whole lot of other things to be nervous about this week.

I have my driving theory test on Wednesday which scares the hell out of me because any written exam that I do I tend to average but only just. I don’t want to sound like I’m putting myself down but that’s how I feel. I understand that common sense it a main part of the test but for someone who self doubts constantly it becomes a little bit of a mission. I know I can drive and I know every manoeuvre but I can’t help but think that it’s not enough.

I’m also nervous about weigh in. I’ve worked super hard at the gym this week focusing weighs compared to cardio as I’d like to build the fat into muscle. It’s still very hit and miss because all the way through each week my body feels completely different. I’ve unfortunately got into a habbit of weighing myself every day and it is most certainly messing with my head as I can’t get under the 100kg mark. (That is a whole other story which that I don’t really want to explain). I really am trying but I’m falling into old ways which aren’t great for my health.

The job search is something I really don’t want to jinx but it’s safe to say that I’m nervous about it all. The self doubt continually lingers making me think that I’m very under experienced for job roles that in fact I’m very much qualified for. I know I’ve jumped about a lot but who doesn’t in their 20s? I’ve had so many people look at my CV and I’ve written so many different styles of cover letters that I hope at least someone will find me qualified enough for the role.

*to be updated*


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