Slimming World Update

Last week I stood on those scales and didn’t expect anything, if anything I expected maybe a loss of 1lb. To my surprise I lost 4lb and I was elated. However some things didn’t add up. I hadn’t been eating well and I most certainly hadn’t followed the plan but that’s the problem I don’t have a plan. I try my best to plan but little things crop up and everything goes down the drain. Through this I wondered how I’d lost that much. I didn’t think anything of it and I just went with it thinking that maybe my metabolism might have kick started and I’ll keep losing, how wrong I was.

This can be seen by my 3.5lb weight gain this week. I feel maybe I have to make myself stay in a routine even though I’m unemployed which means I prep my meals at the beginning of the day and then eat only those. The only things in the kitchen that I’m allowed to use is tea/coffee and squash in between meals.

I want to not just write a food diary because I know that I’m not always honest. I need to keep planning to encourage myself to lose weight, but it is still very disheartening when you see everyone around doing the same as you if not less and lose weight. I will try to stick on plan, maybe look at writing up a blog post with a week in, maybe that might make me focus.

Anyway, I thought an update was needed and I really want to get back into loving my body, so maybe this is the way.


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