Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda

Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda by Becky Albertalli


I picked this up pretty much straight after Ari and Dante, having only read the blurb I wasn’t sure what to think.

I don’t really want to spoil any of these books that I talk about because I want people to read them for themselves and fall in love with the story just as much as I did.

What I want to say is having that online relationship with someone is so exhilarating. I have been through that myself and I felt so many of the feelings Simon exhibits along the way. It’s a beautiful moment because not even really knowing what the person looks like but falling simply for someone’s personality, it’s kind of very romantic in this day and age. This is entwined with everyday American High School life, which for most people is already stressful.

There is also the unconventional friendship group, this however is great because it conveys that it doesn’t matter what social circle you are in, you can have a friendship with anyone. It’s refreshing. It strikes me that something else that is trying to be brought to the attention of the reader is that friendship should be there through thick and thin. This is something that throughout my teenage years I noticed so often. Always remember that your friends will be there long after any relationship, keep them close.

On that subject, your friends should accept you for you and not expect you to change or for them to change. Simon is gay, he is terrified of telling one of his oldest friends because of what she’d think. What this brings to light is your oldest friends are the ones who care but also don’t care because they are your friends, your best friends who will be there whatever what.

What I want to say is this book is a beautiful, it has so many twists and turns but it’s portrays a reality that can happen wherever in the world. Although a YA book, it has lessons, romance, friendship and exploration. If you’re looking for something to read this Summer, I recommend it.


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