Into The Woods.


I honestly would never have guessed that it was a musical. A bit misleading to tell you the truth. I saw the trailer of this film whilst waiting to watch The Hobbit and I was very intrigued. Now don’t get me wrong I did enjoy the film, and I had heard so many positive and raving reviews about it, but there was something that niggled at me about it.

I’m still unsure about it what it was but I feel that there was maybe a missing link in the story. That story lines were started but no-where near finished. I don’t want to spoil the film as people should make their own opinions of the film. If you have seen it I would love to know what people think.

I’ve been writing this over the last couple of days, the songs are catchy. Well the ones that go throughout the film and appear repeatedly. The characters are fantastic, I have always loved fairy tales and any modern or dark twist on them makes them more and more appealing to me. I love the intertwined lines too and if you’ve seen Pitch Perfect you will love Anna Kendrick’s songs, she portrays a very different Cinderella and makes you think about the story itself. Prince Charming who is Star Trek’s Chris Pine, also makes you realise that in fairy tales things aren’t always what they seem. When he sings he does remind me of Pierce Brosnan, it might just be his voice, but if you have seen the film, does anyone else see it or is it just me?

It is a Disney film with a twist and a fantastic cast and still showing in cinemas everywhere. So if you haven’t seen it yet go and see it and make up your own minds because I am still very unsure about it!


3 thoughts on “Into The Woods.

  1. I put up a post about this earlier today on my blog. Didn’t see the Chris Pine – Pierce Brosnan resemblance before but do now haha!

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