James Acaster

James Acaster

James Acaster an up and coming comedian came to Winchester recently and I luckily bought tickets for my Independent Project research. It was a small venue but personally I prefer that because it makes the gig more intimate. He has recently starred on Mock the Week alongside other comedians such as Ed Byrne and Josh Widdicombe, as it should still be on BBC iPlayer it is definitely worth a watch to see the type of comedy this gentleman produces. He has also performed the show ‘Recognise’ in Edinburgh during the Fringe earlier this summer.

The idea of his show is that there was one large theme and within that lots of little stories that he related back to the main idea. It was nice to have those tangents but see how a show could tie up without any questions. He had the ability to improvise too because the audience went to get drinks when it wasn’t the interval and he came out on to the stage and went to find them. By doing that it proved that scripted comedy is great but unscripted comedy can be just as funny.

By having certain sections throughout the show, some of it being performed on his knees, other bits using props it just made for a more interesting show. If you can get tickets for a venue I would recommend it because it was a great evening out.

I knew of James Acaster through Josh Widdicombe’s XFM radio show of which I’m a frequent listener to. He, most weeks, has a regular slot on the show and listening to his antics and learning more about his show is actually very interesting. It is also interesting to see that all of people on the radio show get on well and in fact talk informally to one another even when on air.

James Acaster is worth seeing if you get the chance, as he is still up and coming his tickets are reasonably priced and you come away with aching cheeks from laughing.


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